The center

Cultivating history

Cereal cultivation was the main pillar of the economy in Fuerteventura for decades. The territory and the rural landscape of the island were shaped around this activity. And, although new economic models, such as tourism, gradually arose, we have been able to maintain our distinguishing marks.

Thanks to the Fuerteventura Inter-Island Council, who has recovered and preserved the cultural heritage of the island, we can now contemplate elements which testify to ways of life developed on the island for centuries, such as the windmills, silent witnesses of the history of Fuerteventura.


Would you like to discover the history of milling?

You will acquire in-depth knowledge of our milling culture by walking round the rooms of our center, located in a traditional Fuerteventura house of great patrimonial value.

Shall we start? Our unique itinerary will let you see the most characteristic elements of the history of Fuerteventura. A journey to witness the evolution of the cultivation of cereal, of the milling systems and of toasted cornmeal itself. Are you up for it?

We will follow a route along the different rooms of this old building, to which we can access from a picturesque patio. We will start in the kitchen, to see some of the first mortars used in Fuerteventura. Here we will also have the chance to put into operation some old milling systems, such as a genuine hand-mill, which used to be an essential element in any traditional Fuerteventura house.

Then, we will learn how flourmills work and the difference between the two types of windmills existing in Fuerteventura: molinos and molinas. You will be able to enjoy a spectacular video-mapping showing of how these giants move.

The route ends on the second floor, where you will discover the secrets of toasted cornmeal. Here you can also contemplate our windmill, which, after many years of rest, is now working again to show all its strength to our visitors.

* Find out on what days the Tiscamanita windmill is in operation.