The experience

The taste of history

The combination of the art of farming, inventiveness applied to milling systems and the experience of the people in Fuerteventura produced toasted cornmeal, which is a traditional product of the culture of the Canary Islands.

Take a stroll through its history and taste it at the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita. We will tell you how this superfood is made and why it is still consumed nowadays. You will see the power of the wind and how it moves the windmills on the island. All inside a unique building: an old Majoreran house.

Milling… windmill!

From the mortars used by hand to the development of the windmills there was a long way to go. Set off on this journey and discover in the rooms of the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita how each of these devices worked and how they evolved.



The windmills of Fuerteventura

In the 18th century, the landscape of Fuerteventura began to be filled with giants with wooden sails. Several hundred windmills, which changed the lives of the people on the island, making the milling tasks much easier.

One of these centenarian structures, of great ethnographic value, can be found at the "Los Molinos" Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita. It is one of the last survivors after the arrival of the mechanical procedures and it is currently acknowledged as «Heritage of Cultural Interest».

Wind captains

Would you like to see how a windmill works? How the gentle movement of the sails makes two stones –the millstones– (which weigh more than a ton) move? And how they softly grind the toasted grain to produce toasted cornmeal?

In this process, millers have a key role. Their good work is essential to achieve products of the finest quality. They must supervise every step: unfurling the sails, positioning the windmill with the rudder, controlling the turn of the stones... They are true wind captains!
* Find out on what days the Tiscamanita windmill is in operation.

The taste of our land

Experience the true taste of the Canary Islands: toasted cornmeal. Made of barley, corn, wheat, rye… It was the staple food both in times of plenty and in times of poverty.

A traditional food which was prepared and consumed in the Canary Islands long before the arrival of the first Europeans. It became international when the emigrants from the Canaries took it with them wherever they went: the USA, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Venezuela, Panama…

Enjoy the toasted cornmeal tasting offered at the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita.

Toasted cornmeal, superfood

In addition to its unmistakable flavor, toasted cornmeal stands out because, unlike other types of flour, it is toasted before the grinding, which makes it much more digestible.

Toasted cornmeal is one of the most traditional foods of the Canary Islands and a fundamental element of their gastronomy. It is a natural product, with no preservatives or artificial colors, energy-giving and rich in fiber, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C, iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium.