Welcome to our milling space! Would you like to discover the different milling techniques found on Fuerteventura? We invite you to discover an important part of our history. We will show you the whole process since the majos –the first inhabitants of our island– had to grind the cereal by hand until the windmills arrived to the island in the 19th century from the other side of the world. Would you like to travel through time? At the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita we will tell you a lot of stories about our land, which gives us a unique product, essential in the lives and dishes of the people of the Canaries and which has remained unaltered throughout centuries. A story that shows the wisdom and expertise of our people, who learned to cultivate cereal and make the most of our relief and winds to move giants for the milling. Windmills, which we can still contemplate on our landscape thanks to the Inter-Island Council’s efforts. A story about clandestine ships travelling to faraway lands… Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But there is so much more. Because this blog is for you, so that we can share experiences, listen to your comments, answer your questions and even try a little quiz.
Are you ready? Well, here we go: What do you think gofio is? Is it a tool? Or could it be a structural element of our windmills? Would you dare to smell it? And taste it? No more clues. We’re all ears, millers!

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