Rent spaces

Innovation, commitment and professionalism…

Together with a great team, they are the ingredients required to ensure quality, which is the hallmark of everything done by Proasur. Devoted for over 30 years to culture, producing, managing and dynamizing museums, cultural centers, exhibitions and leisure spaces, it is now present in Fuerteventura, where it offers all its knowhow to make every project a success.

Exclusivity and Majoreran essence

Proasur gives individuals, companies and professionals the opportunity to enjoy unique –indoor and outdoor– spaces in Fuerteventura. The Majorero Cheese Museum, the Del Carmen Saltworks Museum and the “Los Molinos” I. C. of Tiscamanita are spaces with character, and they have everything needed to host special events: cocktail parties, dinners, social gatherings, fashion shows, filming… As well as professional events, such as meetings, conferences, press conferences and presentations.

The most attractive features of the Majorera tradition are joined with modernness in a perfect symbiosis that confers elegance and exclusivity to any type of event.

The “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita

The different rooms of this traditional Fuerteventura house, its patio and the windmill make us travel to earlier times. The renovated exhibition has new facilities, such as a beautiful pergola in the patio, where intimate events can be held in a space of inestimable patrimonial value.

Emblematic places for unique events

Proasur also manages two other centers on the island: the Majorero Cheese Museum and the Del Carmen Saltworks Museum.

The Majorero Cheese Museum is a unique place. A variety of contemporary spaces that preserve the essence of the Majoreran tradition. Its different atmospheres enable multiple configurations in accordance with the type of event.

For its part, the incomparable location of the Del Carmen Saltworks Museum, with bright indoor spaces, outside tables and an amazing view of the saltworks and the sea, makes it an ideal setting for gala dinners and cocktail parties, presentations, fashion shows and photo shoots, commercials and any large-scale events.

For further information, please visit the web pages of each center and do not hesitate to contact us.