Are you ready to let the wind take you to a world of flavors and sensations?  Then you are in the right place. At the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center of Tiscamanita we have prepared an itinerary through which you will discover the milling art, the power of the wind, the richness and flavor of our land, and the expertise of the Fuerteventura people. And all this from the heart of an old, typical Fuerteventura house. We invite you to join us on a unique journey through our history, our people, our dishes… In short, our essence. Ready? At our center you will discover how cereal was ground before the landscape of our island was filled with giants with wooden arms. You will discover first-hand the original, genuine milling utensils… and everything in a unique environment. Shall we start? Why don’t we start in the kitchen? Here you will learn the details of the different milling systems and feel the roaring wind. You will have the chance to see our Tiscamanita windmill in operation after many years out of service. Now, close your eyes. Can you picture a miller fighting with the sails to make the most of the force of the wind?  Millers’ movements are vital. They have to control the speed and rhythm with the brake for the milling to take place. Do you know what happens if the grain is milled too fast? It can get burned. And if it is too slow? Well… we are not going to tell you everything now, are we? You’ll have to come and visit us. How do you think two stones which weigh more than a ton can be moved? You will see how with the itinerary we have prepared for you through our windmill… It does sound good, doesn’t it? And this is just the beginning. We are still in the kitchen, remember? Now it’s time to sit at the table. Can you think of any recipes that have flour as their main ingredient? I’ll give you some time to think… What about toasted cornmeal? Toasted cornmeal –known as gofio in the Canary Islands– is unique because of its flavor, because of the way it is made and because it has reached so many countries… It keeps for a long time without losing any of its qualities, and this is why it was taken on clandestine ships during the postwar period to places like the United States, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico… In fact, it is still made in those countries just like in the Canaries –with their own particular touches. Would you like to know more? I’m sure you would. Come and visit us! The giants, the gofio, the island and the people of Fuerteventura are looking forward to seeing you here!

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